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What are Digital Ads and 6 Different Types of Digital Ads You Should know.

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different types of ads
digital ads
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type of digital ads

When I was a student and was learning about digital ads I always used to get confused about the different types of digital ads and their purposes. But now that I am a full time digital marketer I am here to help all other students who are learning digital marketing so they do not get confused like I used to get.

Did you know that according to Statista, businesses spend more than 350 billion dollars on digital ads in 2020 and this is expected to grow to 460 billion dollars by 2024. Now you must be wondering why are they spending so much?

If you are confused or new to digital ads then you have come to the right place. Below I have explained what exactly digital ads are and how many types of digital ads there are. 

What are Digital Ads?

how many types of ads
online ads
types of digital ads 
types of online ads

In a nutshell, online ads are advertisements that appear on websites, search engine results pages, emails, and other online sources. Online ads incorporate display ads on websites, search engine ads on results pages, ads in email and on social networks, and many other methods of ads over the Internet. Obviously, digital ads are not limited to computers. Mobile users can access digital ads through their mobile devices as well as through computers. Also read about 7 types of digital marketing.

Digital ads have three main objectives: to increase sales, improve brand recognition, and raise share of voice in the market. It relies on demand and supply economics, in which advertisers aim to satisfy a consumer need (demand) by bringing in the supply. 

The digital ads industry follows internet user behaviour in order to place advertisements where customers will see them. Advertisers do not have to limit themselves to a specific medium or location. Online ads can be placed anywhere on the web and can contain images, text, videos, interactive elements, and even games.

The biggest advantage of using online ads is online advertising tools let you target your audience on the basis of such as gender, age, location, interests, etc and that’s really helps in maximising your ROI.

How Online Ads are going to help me?

1. Building brand awareness through Online Ads.

types of digital ads 	
types of online ads
types of ads
social media ads

The purpose of marketing is to make people aware of a brand or product. Once customers understand and trust the brand, the more business it can do. The ultimate goal is to sell more of the brand or service. Because online ads are mostly visual, it is the perfect medium for communicating a brand’s identity and making people familiar with its colours, logo, and overall feel.

2. Creating demand with Social Media Ads.

Digital ads have three key steps: inform, persuade, and remind. Without being informed, customers will not want what they don’t know about. They will need to be convinced of what they should want, and why they should want it. An online ads campaign is a great way of communicating the unique selling points (USPs) of a product, stimulating demand and reminding customers of why they want the product. 
Social media ads play a vital role in creating demand in a short period of time and there are many types of digital ads platforms which can be used as social media ads platforms.

3. Satisfying demand

The buyer of a product has to understand how to satisfy their desire. At this point, the advertiser needs to show his or her particular brand or product will best meet that need.

4. Driving direct response and sales.

The long term goal of digital marketing is traffic and sales, but short- and medium-term traffic and sales are also driven by the immediacy of online ads. It is possible to measure the effectiveness of online ads campaigns differently than traditional ads campaigns, since the potential customer can become a customer right there and then. What’s more, with online ads, it is possible to immediately convert a lead into a customer. You also you digital ads in Affiliate marketing and generate passive income.

Now if you are wondering How many types of ads are there? There are 6 types of ads.

6 Different types of Digital Ads and Their Purpose.

1. Display Ads

Display ads are one of the most common and the basic types of digital ads, they are primarily used to send ads messages visually in the form of text, images, videos, animation and other visual graphics. These online ads commonly show up as banners, landing pages, popups or as flash ads mostly on blogs and websites.

A display ad within the Google Display Network is usually distributed to sites that have related content, allowing visitors to those sites to be exposed to the ad and what it is about. A display ad’s main difference from other types of ads is that it does not appear on search results. Display ads are typically very affordable and straightforward to use.

Because digital ads are so visually appealing, they are highly effective. Therefore, if your product or service is more visual, and you would like to capture the attention of those who may pass over the written word, digital ads are a good solution to your problem. For example, these types of digital ads can be used to promote hotels, games, events, and shows on a website, all of which can be viewed at the same time.

2. Search Ads or PPC

types of digital ads 	
types of online ads
types of ads
social media ads

In online ads, search engine marketing is the most reliable because it’s based on keywords that users are already looking for. PPC, or pay per click, and SEO, or search engine optimization, are the two main types of SEM. Although search engines show thousands of results, 90% of users will end their search on the first page. Google and Bing are the most common platforms for SEM.

So basically a PPC campaign is essentially a digital marketing method that maximises search engine traffic and conversions by driving more visitors and conversions. On the other hand, if you want to rank on the first page of Google, SEO takes a lot of time and strategy.

Since search engines display results based on relevance, by optimising your website for specific keywords, this type of ads will help you rank higher, a business can have higher chances of appearing on the first page of search results and receiving free traffic if it optimises its website through links, keyword targeting, and meta-descriptions, as well as consistently creating quality content.

3. Native Ads

Native ads are similar to display ads, but it is more strategic and intentional in the way its placement and audience targeting are handled. These are sponsored listings that are blended into feed and hidden from view. This type of digital ads are designed to match the look, feel, and functionality of the media format or platform where it appears.

In other words, they are designed to blend in with their surroundings, making them seem more natural. As a result, native ads do not appear as ads; they appear like an editorial component of the page. The advantage of native ads is that it is not disruptive. It exposes readers to ads content without interrupting them.

The best way to use these online ads is to make sure these ads don’t look like ads native ads are ideal for websites, social media news feeds and other platforms where people are more likely to be attracted to them and read their content. However, wherever you place them, they must seem genuine and fit in with the rest of the design or content on the site. 

4. Social Media Ads

types of ads in digital marketing
type of digital ads
how many types of ads
online ads

Social media ads should always be treated as a means to an end, not the end itself. Hence, they should serve as a marketing channel aimed at driving traffic back to your website. Social media ads are different from other types of digital ads because they are out bound in nature. Because of social media’s large number of active users and its ease of targeting, the platform has become a major hub for digital ads. However, because of the platform’s inherent factors, social ads cross over with a variety of digital marketing activities, these online ads have made the job easier for advertisers to target their desired audience.

Second, you need to approach paid ads the same way you do PPC ads with Google. You need a purpose, a budget, and to work with a paid ads expert or digital marketing agency in order to maximise your ROI.

The types of social media ads are specific to social media, there are many types of digital ads inside social media ads whether on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, or other platforms. Every platform should not be treated the same way. Paid social media ads are essentially native ads, promoted posts are intended to reach specific audiences with the use of targeted audiences through targeted ads. Your social media platform may label them as either “Sponsored” or “Advertisement.”.

5. Video Ads

Digital video ads are the easiest form of digital ads since they are exactly what they sound like. These online ads are videos promoting a product or company. These types of digital ads can appear in videos before other videos on a site. These digital ads can be integrated with display ads or  native ads as different types of social media ads on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Video content can be used to promote brand awareness, share a how-to guide, feature customer testimonials or stream live events. Video ads are effective in ads because they engage buyers instantly and hold their attention for a long time. A video ad’s most difficult aspect is planning and making an appealing video that is visually pleasing, shares the message, speaks the brand, and has emotionally evocative music. In spite of its time-consuming nature, content marketing has proven to be effective. Viewers are able to absorb the content and learn more about the brand with little effort, while advertisers are able to capture their audience’s attention more easily.

For example, online ads with videos are particularly valuable for product demonstrations or how-to guides. If you have a media- or technology-savvy audience, videos can position you as a modern, innovative company. You should make sure that the video is still visually compelling even without the audio, since there are many occasions when the user cannot hear the sound due to the time and location of viewing the ad. Many advertisers choose to use music over dialogue in video advertisements as the audio for the video fits well with the video.

6. Mobile Specific Ads

In Google Ads, “mobile” ads refers to ads that appear on websites and apps viewed on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. In Google Ads, “mobile” ads refers to ads that appear on high-end mobile devices with smaller screens, such as smartphones. Mobile ads have the advantage of being targeted specifically for mobile devices, such as cell phones and tablets. Developers can create ads that appear only on mobile devices or are optimised for mobile devices. Mobile specific ads are a new types of digital ads.

Ads on mobile devices are. These are only shown on mobile devices and are designed specifically for tablets or phones. There are several types of mobile ads, including call-only ads, app promotion ads, and more. You can create mobile ads that appear in mobile search results, mobile-optimised websites, on YouTube, or even within mobile apps to generate leads. Depending on the type of campaign, these ads could be in text, image, video, call-only or app-only formats.

You should include mobile-specific online ads in nearly every major marketing campaign, regardless of your product, your audience or your marketing strategy, since the majority of consumers make decisions regarding purchases on their mobile devices (this percentage keeps climbing annually). You are missing out on a significant portion of the market if you are not targeting your ads to mobile devices. You should use mobile ads all the time to get the most of your ads.


I really hope you get the information you are looking for about types of digital ads. I covered all the major types of online ads consisting display ads, search ads, social media ads, video ads and mobile specific ads. The marketing of each business is going to differ, and I hope this article helped you to understand the types of digital marketing and how each can benefit your business. What type of online ads would be most effective for you?

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